Commit 2a7352a1 authored by Mickael Fiorentino's avatar Mickael Fiorentino
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Mise à jour de la configuration de ic06

parent 2b081270
......@@ -58,11 +58,11 @@ setenv DD_DONT_DO_OS_LOCKS set
setenv DD_USE_LIBDEFS no
source ${CMC_HOME}/scripts/cadence.ic617.csh
source ${CMC_HOME}/scripts/cadence.ic06.18.020.csh
alias virtuoso "virtuoso -log virtuoso.log"
# MMSIM (spectre)
source /CMC/scripts/cadence.mmsim15.10.518.csh
source ${CMC_HOME}/scripts/cadence.mmsim15.10.518.csh
source ${CMC_HOME}/scripts/cadence.pvs16.15.000.csh
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